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Angelique Cremers Art Studio

I experienced in person how fleeting external beauty is. After many years off working, my art, and my views on what beauty is have changed. I have reached an age where I can look back on the many transitions I have gone through due to time and experience. Filled with a growing awareness of the transience of life, I reflect on the changes within myself, but also to those which come to all of us

It is great watching people grow, develop, ripen throughout the years. To look at the physical changes, but also at the mental development, at the transient way one looks upon life. When you are young and beautiful, you believe the world is your oyster. But even then you feel an inner insecurity; Do I do things right, am I saying the right things, am I wearing the right clothes? Do I follow the trend, do I join this group, or shouldn’t I? All aspects of everyday life of a young adolescent.

It is exactly this impermanence of external beauty, this uncertainty within, that I try to capture in my sculptures. At first in my paintings, but currently I also spend my time on creating bronze sculptures. Here too creation is driven by the questions “how beautiful is perishing beauty? What is the beauty in decay?”

Dressed in overalls and steel tipped boots, I work both in my art studio and at the bronze foundry itself. That way I not only controle the creative process, but, by taking part in the casting and finishing, I also manage the physical outcome. This allows me to add an extra dimension to my sculptures. I experiment a lot with the possibilities that bronze allows for. By working directly at the foundry, I can go beyond the limitations of regular casting, to perform just that littlebit more to create an unique work of art.

It is that extra dimension that allows me to mold this perishable beauty into my sculptures.